How to Choose the Right Web Design/Development Company in 6 Steps.

How to Choose the Right Web Design/Development Company in 6 Steps

‘Why do you need a website’? Simple, a good website is the face of your company, it’s not just a virtual shop, and it’s an intelligent robot that can work for you, promote your product, educate your consumer, and make them satisfied even when you are sleeping.

To compete in the current business market it is very important to follow effective marketing strategy and have necessary tools (web presence). Satisfying a customer is the prime motive and presentation is what matters the most.

People are getting more and more techier by using modern devices and smart phones like Tablets, Smart Phones and Phablets and more. Social Media and Smart phones has taken a big chuck of the population like a storm and consumers are benefiting from instant solutions and the right to choose from different providers and platforms. It has given them the power to ignore the bad and select the right.

So now you must know how to choose your right web design company among many players who can take your company’s message to your potential customers more professionally and effectively.

Step 1 – Common Sense Matters

Universal basics for any business, first you need to set yourself right and clear in what you want.

  • What is your goal?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • Who are your competitors? See what works effectively for them.
  • What is the timeline you have?
  • Are you selling products or into the service industry?
  • What do you want your visitors to do inside the website?
  • What is your budget to start?

For example:

If you are selling products online (ecommerce website) your focus should be in sales conversion, Return on Investment and increasing visitor traffic and increase consumer database.

If you are providing service (consulting service, maintenance etc) you need to focus on your company information, spread awareness about your services, and educate the visitors with information about your company & service.


How much are you going to spend for this? Please be frank to tell the company about your budget criteria for this task. A professional well experienced company will definitely work towards that and help you out. This will also help to have a long standing business relationship with them. A good and honest team is always reliable than any cheap freelancers who will pull you in trouble later.


Ask your friends, colleagues, family to refer someone they know or worked with, this will be good, so that you can get personalized service from them. Or do an internet search, Google can of-course answer your query.

Well, you should be having a list of companies by now after analysis or search or reference. Rate their own website first, rank it from 1 to 10. Rate them on:

  1. Concentrate how creative they are?
  2. Can you read the contents clearly? Self-explanatory?
  3. How easy is it to navigate their website?
  4. Have they impressed you? (that ‘Wow’ factor)
  5. Check for testimonials?
  6. Check their previous works done (Portfolio).

An experienced company can definitely impress you on all the above mentioned aspects. Also, the twist in the current trend is that the new/fresh companies in the market offer innovative ideas, latest web technologies and smart designs that is highly impressive.

By end, a web design company should show their best to prove their skills, if it lacks in these aspects please go for next company in list.


Social Media is the new buzz and no one can escape from this, after all it gives them more revenue, brand awareness and customers. Yes it does.

So how does this help you in finding the right web design company? Are they Social Media Friendly?

  1. Check the company’s posts or tweets, are they good, genuine & informative?
  2. Is there any negative customer feedback? What was that and was it solved?
  3. Is Admin answering the queries regularly?
  4. Do they give any offers? And was it true?
  5. Are they friendly or rude to visitor’s comments?

Based on this you can check their honesty, customer approach and patience level.


This is important, check their previous works done. Obviously they will showcase their best master pieces to attract their visitors. How is their work? Are they meeting the promises they mentioned in their ‘about us’ page.

A good company will make sure their clients website or work is as good as their own website.


Okay, so your research is done, you have shortlisted a few companies right? Now, ask them to send a proposal for your requirement. This will give you a clear idea about their understanding on your requirement and a proper pricing.

So you are ready to choose the best now. Wait for their emails and analyze the comfort levels in the communication and think if they are approachable to work with. Proven track records and results are important.

Always remember one thing, A Good Design is Good Business and it will not be cheap. A website is the true face of your company; make sure you give it to professionals, so that you can save your energy from unwanted follow-ups, tensions, extra money & disappointments.

Make sure you have good terms with the company to get more benefits and offers from them, write them a good testimonial and promise for references to get extra attention for you, but please be genuine and do not offer false promises.

A good company will make you happy and feel proud of your website and will make sure you come back for more business with them.