Light indicator productivity tool to reflect your status

When you are piled up with loads of work or trying to achieve your daily target or monthly target and your colleague comes with a josh mood to talk to you about his party hangover or to gossip about his team head, how will you react to this sensitive issue ?

Now there is a productivity tool which also connects with APP and monitor your activities and gives you productivity report. How cool is that? This is something similar to your SKYPE flag status or GTALK Flag status.

Luxafor is a USB light indicator to give your colleagues notice on your availability, or to get informed about incoming information on your computer.

Luxafor is an LED indicator that connects to your computer through a USB port or via Bluetooth, and shows your availability or notifies you about important information, like incoming emails or calendar reminders.  It can also be programmed to notify you of emails, product orders, calendar reminders and the like. You can work it manually on your own, or set it to change colors automatically by pairing it with a Luxafor partner productivity app.  –  Check the Video

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How it works?

1. Connect the Luxafor light indicator to your computer with a USB cable or via Bluetooth (depending on the model)

2. Install the software

3. Choose if you want to use it together with one of our partner productivity apps (see below)

4. Select one of five modes available:

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