Top 5 Awesome Social Media Managing Tool for Your Website

You own a website and you rely on it? Then you should read this article for sure.

After putting in lot of marketing efforts and social media campaigns online and waiting to see your results? Then you should try these tools. These tools will help you manage and track the user actions in detail in multiple social media platforms and helps you generate reports dynamically. It is also mobile friendly which means you can access this on the move.

Search engine optimization is important for any website marketing and now its social media trend. It is mandatory for any size company to invest in SMO and use this tools to track them


Hootsuite sweeps the award effortlessly. These guys are good in analytics and messages. Multiple admin is one of the awesome options they give.

They manage almost all social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. Even though Facebook is giving headaches now and then on their interface changes and navigation systems hootsuite is good in updating it.

They have a free package as well. Try it. 

addvocate socialmedia marketingtool

Your employee has more social connections and you want to use that? Problem solved. Try this tool.

Employees install a simple browser plug-in that enables them to receive content recommendations from a centralized marketing team. You get who clicked what, shares, likes and which employee gets more responsive clicks.

“Enable all coworkers to create, curate and share content for your company.”



socialbakers – social media marketing tool

Want to see how your competitors marketing efforts and results. Want to learn their successful campaigns, content or posts which drives more traffic? This is the right tool for that.

This is a paid tool, but they do impress you with their ‘Trial Period Ride’.

You can gain marketing insights, learn social strategy and time spent on reports and more. 

rignite-social media-marketing tool

Monitor several social media platforms—including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube—from one place.

You have a small team below 10 members? Then you will enjoy this app. It’s the TEAM effect on single account. You can make a team of admin or users. Assign them tasks, see result and chat with them.

twazzup-social media-marketing tool

A Twitter account monitoring tool. Good for beginners.

Enter your name you wanna track and get real time updates, Retweeted photos, links and related keywords to your search.

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