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Will Google Pigeon Affect Your Website Ranking?

Will Google Pigeon Affect Your Website Ranking? Google’s change in the Search algorithm for local search results is termed as Google Pigeon (code name). Though it had many drawbacks it has been widely accepted. This change in algorithm will give prominent local search listings.

This change has affected the search rankings of millions of websites and lots of efforts and money invested took a major hit. On the other hand many local listing websites are happy because of this change, as Google Pigeon focuses more on the local search listings they experienced increase in website traffic, leads and sales. Also Google map plays a big role in this change, where the local search result is more accurate than before.

So if you are offering a product or a particular service then you are lucky to get fast in local search results, if not done- make sure you start your website SEO work immediately and get more traffic.

Google said that “this new algorithm improves their distance and location ranking parameters”.

Check the interesting infographics based on this Google Pigeon. For SEO enquiry click here.

Google Pigeon Seo Change
Google Pigeon Seo Change May Affect Your Website Ranking